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                Yongxing Chemical Fiber active in fire investigation 
                 Date:2012/4/7  Count: 2507  From:Yongxing  
                Recent dry weather could easily cause fire accidents, combined with the actual situation of the company, fire safety meetings held on the afternoon of April 5, above the middle of the whole company, specific analysis of the place the surrounding enterprise cause of the fire and enterprises need to guard againstand enterprise potential of fire investigation and remediation special action carried out on April 10, is designed to make the greatest efforts to curb corporate fire accident.

                The special activities, led by the vice president Shen Xiang Bao, the fire staff responsible for managing circles and workshop leader involved in the inspection focused on: fire safety responsibility of enterprises, establish rules and regulations to implement fire safety compliance with fire safety regulations and fire places to set up unobstructed situation, fire safety facilities and fire equipment configuration and maintenance and good and effective the corporate obligations fire team building; daily inspections to check whether the place; deadline for correction in accordance with the requirements, does not meet the requirements, should be ordered to the workshop; the end of April all rectification is completed, to ensure fire safety.

                ¡¤ Yongxing Chemical Fiber actively carry fire hidden danger <<<<<.
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